On 29 March – 1 April 2017 Apikri audited SVLK ( Wood Legality Verification Certificate ) by PT Mutu Agung Lestari Bogor.  This was the third time that PT Mutu Agung Lestari audited Apikri for SVLK Certificate.  The first in the year 2013, the second in the year of 2015, the third  year of 2017. SVLK audited held in every 2 years.  During that period audited Apikri always passed in the audited.

SVLK auditor

In this year personnel from PT MUTU AGUNG LESTARI were Mr. Bambang Gunawan and Pak Asrori . In fact Pak Asrori has ever audited in the year of 20133, the first audit of SVLK at Apikri.  Many document that audited by SVLK team consist of organization document legality, order of wood items, producers of wood ,  wood source, report of wood mutation , wood supplier conformity 

All documents check in 3 days. These documents prepared by Apikri that coordinated by Athi ( Head of Community Development )Some that not available could be completed in the 7 days after audited. Auditor also visit to Kemiskidi who include in the audited , to take a look about the wood source and the document. Since the first audit until the third audit there were 22 producers of wood  and wood finished.The result of audit will be announced to Apikri , after all documents completed  in 7 days since there were some documents should be completed for getting certificate.


With the support from SMESCO , Apikri joined the Yogyakarta International Expo on 13 -16 March 2017 at Yogyakarta International Expo Yogyakarta .  This was the second international expo held in Yogyakarta. Last year Apikri also joined this exhibition with the support from SMESCO also. Apikri in the booth of SMESO with some other producers from Bali, Jepara and Yogyakarta. There were around 6 producers who  were in the SMESCO Booth.

In the exhibition Apikri focused on furniture and small number of decoration items. It was different with the previously exhibition that Apikri only focused on craft.   The furniture items mostly made of teak wood roots and recycle wood . Many customers were interested in these items , some purchased directly but some would like to place the order , some still in the process of contact and further communication.

There were many  visitors from the first day until the end of the day exhibition such us importer from Netherland, Stwizerland, USA, UK, Germany, Asia .  But for the end day most the visitors come from Indonesia that buy the products retail.

After the exhibition , Apikri make a contact with potential buyers for finding the possibility to make further cooperation.