On 6 January  around 20  students from Toyonaka Students Japan, 3 teachers visited Apikri to have a comparative study about fair trade at Apikri and also producers. This event organize of tour was Garuda Perkasa Turindo Yogyakarta.  The students had some trips in Yogyakarta city for some days. At the end of the tour,  they visited Apikri to learn about fair trade . Fair trade is still new for them so they are very interested with the fair trade value.  After learning about Apikri setting up, fair trade value , they had a shopping at Apikri showroom to buy some gift to be brought back home.
The trip continued to Pak Kemiskidi . He is a batik wood producer who lives in Krebet, Pajangan, Bantul. They learn the batik wood processing , the waste management of batik, and also  the business running in Pak Kemiskidi .
The students were satisfied with this visit  to Apikri and producer. This experience will be very good for them to know about business and fair trade.
We welcome this kind of tour visit from Toyonaka , Osaka , Japan for the next future. 

                                                                   The students are shopping at Apikri showroom                   The students are learning about fair trade at the producer


On 9 January 2018  the committee of FORMEKERS visited Apikri to have a comparative study  how to set up the organization such us Apikri in helping the small micro producers to increase their business.

FORMEKERS also has similar purpose, which this organization was set up to increase the skill and capacity of producers for the their business purpose.  FORMEKERS  is the forum furniture, handicraft and art that set up in 2016 , the member of this forum are producers of handicraft, furniture and art lives in Special District of Yogyakarta.

They come together to make benefits for market improvement, capacity building for the members through some meetings, discussion, exhibition, and some trainings. 

From this meeting they took the knowledge and experience how Apikri running in helping small micro producers that can be adopted in “FORMEKERS”.

Hope this meeting can further the cooperation between Apikri and Formekers with some programs for improvement the member.

   FORMEKERS with Apikri 


On January 25 untill 27 January 2017 a student from Institute Technology Bandung called Diaz Augusta , had been done internship at Apikri . His study is Business so it is relevant with what has run by Apikri. He would like to have experience in Apikri about how business run at Apikri that is also as fair trade organization. For Diaz fair trade still new , that is why by learning at Apikri he can understand about business in fair trade way.

He took 3 days internship for short learning about marketing, production, community development  , finance and also human resources development in every division of Apikri. He also joined in the visit of producers for fair trade interview .