At the beginning of January 2019, each Division of Apikri started to make the program planning for 2019. There are five Divisions at Apikri , that each must compose the program that will be planned for the 2019 included the budget. After each Division arrange the programs that dicussed with the staff of each division,  there is  The Pra Meeting for Program Planning 2019 that attended by Director, Head Division and staff and also the Board and The Supervisor. This meeting aimed to give suggestion and input for  the program planning for 2019 that has been composed by The Director , Head Division and Staff.

Some points that make the focuses d as how to expand the market  so it can help more producers to increase their welfare, how to make the design development, how to improve the product quality  and some other technical assistance for producers . Apikri should make the programs that can increase the omzet   beside handicraft. The Craft World Tour of Apikri that has been run some years, but not optimally , and not formally focused . That is why  it need to improved for better income.

At the end of the meeting , there is the conclusion of the meeting with some input from Board and Supervisor to arrange the program planning for 2019  that as the guidance for Executive to run the program to reach the target omzet  , vision and mission of Apikri.

     Meeting for Pra Program Planning of Apikri 2019


Peer Visit is one of the steps for fair trade organization to gain the fair trade guarantee .  So this step must be done by fair trade organization. Including Pekerti , a fair trade organization in Jakarta. Pekerti as schdedule for peer visit on Apikri was pointed by Pekerti Jakarta to be a peer for its fair trade monitoring.  The date for peer visit was 25  Feb to 27 Feb 2019 with the peer auditor from Apikri ( Athi Munzilah ). Athi Munzilah is the head of community development who has responsibility for fair trade guaranteed at Apikri helped by Sri Rejeki ( Secretary ).

The process of peer visit at Pekerti as follows. In the first day , visiting  Pak Karwita the rattan producer of Pekerti  located in  Majalengka.    Then  the second day visiting Pak Heru , wood producer in Sumedang.

Visiting Pak Karwita, rattan producer in Majalengka

At the end of the peer visit schedule was visiting to Pekerti office to check the document such us profile, mission, mission,  Internal Monitoring System,  Organization Structure. Employee Rule, document of marketing , production.

Also interview with director, marketing , community development, product  development, finance and warehouse.

Based on the visit there were report that made for Pekerti and WFTO for improvement of Pekerti  to gain the fair trade guarantee for the  next.

            Yolita, community development                            Pak Iwan , Pekerti Director


Mr. Shodiq is one of Apikri founders who lives in Klaten, Central Java. Mr. Shodiq years ago when still young doing the production of small handicraft made of fur  such us table cleaner and also active in NGO.  But now he enjoy to stay at home, doing sport and helping his wife doing the sale of warehouse products .

 It become the program from Board to have a visit of founders who averagely now old enough. The visit purpose was to see the condition of old founders who cannot active in the meeting that held by Apikri. The representative who visit to Pak Shodiq house is

Pak  Shodiq is happy to get the attention from Apikri board to see his health condition .  He expect that Apikri running well  in helping the small micro producers .

        Pak Shodiq & Sri Redjeki