On  5 March Apikri held the Program Planning 2019 took a place at Apikri office . The  Meeting was attended by Supervisor of Apikri, Board of Apikri, Director and Staff and also some representative from producers .  The program planning 2019 of executive presented by Sudiyanti ( Director of Apikri ). The program contains : The program of Director and Secretary, The Program of Marketing Division, The Program of Community Development, The Program of Production Division, The Program of  HRD and General Division , Program of Finance Division.  The main things was the programs how to increase the sale of Apikri through handicraft marketing facilitation , and the capacity building for producers to achieve the increased sale.  The other programs for supported the sales such as tourism fair trade, training of handicraft must be considered also as the addition income for Apikri besides the handicraft trading. 

Then the program of Board was presented by Lasmanu Rukiyanto, as the head of Apikri Board. The recommendation from  Ministry of  Cooperative and Small Micro Enterprises become the main programs for The Board included the capacity building about Cooperative for the member . While The Program of Supervisor of Apikri Cooperative presented by Artati Sri Rejeki , head of Apikri Supervisor . The main program for Supervisor was to monitor the whole of Apikri running .

After presentation of Program Planning 2019 from Director, Board ,, Supervisor the participants gave some inputs of programs to complete the Program Planning 2019 to reach the target sale in 2019 . Expected that The Program Planning 2019 will be run well which can reach the increasing sale  for benefits all members.


On 23 March 2019 Apikri participated in the Annual General Meeting of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia took a place at Apikri office in Jalan Imogiri Barat km 4,5 no 89 Bantul. The Annual General Meeting attended by 14 members of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia from Indonesia ( Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok . Buton, Kalimantan ). The Annual General Meeting leaded by Retno Hapsari from XS Project Jakarta as  Head of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia .

The meeting was opened by Ibu Retno , then reported about the programs and activities done by Forum Fair Trade Indonesia , included the finance .report.  In 2018 FFTO became part of gender research that done by Carol WFTO Global , World Fair Trade Day held in Jakarta  also Annual General Meeting , Receiving Borneo Chic to be member of FFTI 2019, Mrs, Hani from Mitra Bali elected to be Secretary of WFTO Asia Board for 2018-2022 at the AGM WFTO Asia held in New Delhi , India. For The Next Year Program of FFTI : Training programs of BEDO Bali, application of FFTI new member consideration, World Fair Trade Day 2019, and others program added

After the report from Ibu Retno, the meeting continued with the election of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia . It was elected Netty Febrianti from Biansa Home to be the head of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia for the three year period ( 2019 -2021). The Meeting closed by Ibu Retno with some conclusion of The meeting among other things: The receipt of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia Report including the finance report,  The Head of FFTI period 2019 – 2021 Netty Febriana.  Programs Training of BEDO Bali , Annual General Meeting FFTI 2020 will be held in Ngawi, The Committee the member receipt : Armand Maulana (JPKP Buton), Nawang Sari (Arum Ndalu), Sudiyanti (Apikri)



On 29 March 2019, Apikri held Annual General Meeting that attended by 54 members or stakeholder of Apikri . It is annual meeting that held every year by Apikri to report the program running during the year including the finance report.  It was also attended by Indonesia Cooperative of Special District of Yogyakarta who opened the Meeting and gave short speech about how Cooperative should make benefits for all of members.  The other partner who also attended this Meeting was Bank partner of Apikri who support the soft loan for Apikri .

The meeting opened by MC by praying together then continued with the speech of Mr. Bowo as the steering committee that pointed by The Board to arrange the Meeting. The second speech was Mr. Lasmanu Rukiyanto ( Head of Apikri Board ) . He spoke that this meeting purpose to share the report all of activities done, progress report during the year of 2018.  After that the election of Head and Secretary of Meeting Assembly .  It was elected as Head Meeting Assembly: Mr. Wibowo as the Head of Assembly, Mrs. Suratijem as The Secretary of Meeting Assembly.

               Annual General Meeting  of Apikri

The Report of Program running and achievement in 2018 explained in short by Board : Head (Mr. Lasmanu ), Secretary (Mr. Amir Panzuri) and Mr Kemiskidi ( Treasure ). After short explanation about the program in 2018 , the participants had the time to ask some questions .  The participants were active to give questions mainly about the business sales.  Hopefully it will be better and better to give the benefits for all of the members. The Board, Director  supported by members  must strive hard to increase the sales of Apikri  to expand the market  . Some members also propose the opinion to add new businesses.

After report the running program and achievement in 2018 then the supervisor gave the report as long as they did their task as supervisor of Apikri. It was reported by Ibu Artati ( Head of Apikri Supervisor ). There were some points recommendation that must be done by The Board . At the end was the receiving of the report of Board and Supervisor by the member.

Before giving the dividend to member, there was the election of supervisor of Apikri since the period of the supervisor has finished ( 2016 – 2018 ). The supervisor elected for 2019 – 2021 were Head ( Mrs, Artati Sri Rejeki ), Member ( Wibawa, Arifin ).