On April 11, 2019 Apikri held the Training of Book Keeping for Producers that took a place at Omah Kayu Apikri.  The trainer was from Management College lecture ( Bp. Roni Sumitro ). This training attended by around 30 small micro producers with many kind material such us : silver, natural , bamboo, wood, leather and others. The training content was about the subject of how to make the administration of book keeping with simple.  That was became very important thing for producers to make book keeping record, so that as producers know exactly how much the profit of the business. If producers don’t have the record of book keeping producers probably will lose the business  but they don’t know .Mr. Roni said that it is a must to have finance record as producers   , to describes the inflow and outflow to keep the business not to lose. By knowing the inflow and outflow producers can consider about the business finance condition.

Then Mr Sumitro explained about the simple book keeping and asked the participants to practice it .  It needs a lot of practice to do the book keeping record to make the producers able to do the book keeping for their business.  He gave the paper work and guidance to practice at home. He will openly to receive the questions from the participants when they don’t know about the bookkeeping that taught to day.

Mr. Sumitro also added the lesson with how to promote the products and making the products saleable well.  The participants were very happy with this addition lesson. The products must be valuable and have difference with others added Mr. Sumitro at the end of the session.



After elected on 29 March 2019 in the Annual General Meeting of Member, The Supervisor inaugurated by Cooperative and Small Micro Enterprises Department on  16 April 2019 . It was held at Apikri office and attended by member of Apikri including Apikri staff.  The ceremony of inauguration of Apikri Supervisor opened by Pak Wibawa  as a steering committee of this event. Bowo said he thanks a lot for the help and participation of committee so the Annual general meeting runs well.  He added congratulation for the elected new supervisor of Apikri Cooperative.  Pak Lasmanu, a head of Apikri Board spoke that he thanks also for all whom have help the Annual  general meeting and supervisor election for 2019 – 2021. He expect that Apikri will be better for the future.The inauguration of Apikri Cooperative Supervisor was done by The Representative of Cooperative and Small Micro Enterprises Department Pak Yudhi. The Supervisor choiced for the period 2019 – 2021 : Mrs. Artati Sri Rejeki ( Head ),  Mr. Wibawa ( member ), Mr Arifin (member ).said the oath and appointment as Apikri Cooperative Supervisor then signed that written.  With the great expectation that The Supervisor can do their task well .

Before closing , Pak Yudhi from Cooperative and Small Micro Enterprises Department spoke a short about the law of Cooperative that  must be obeyed by Cooperative. Board and Supervisor  must understand that law and learning it so that the Cooperative doesn’t violate the law . At the end, the participants shaked hand to the Choiced Supervisor as the congratulation and started to do their task


During April 2019 Apikri arranged the eyes checking for Supervisor, Boar, Executive Staff and Producers. Mrs. Artati Sri Redjeki , a head of Apikri supervisor who is also a eye doctor who examine the stakeholder of Apikri to see the plus and minus of eyes so that can be used the prompt eye glasses.

SERRV USA Social Impact Program is to improve the lives of the artisans with whom working by supply donation of reader eyeglasses cooperated with Lion’s Club USA.   For that purpose Apikri held the checking the eye for the stakeholder that took a place at Apikri Omah Kayu , the place for producers get some trainings. There were around 50 stakeholders who need the eye checking with Apikri program. It was very helpful for them because they know about the eye health.  Then they can get the support of eye their need.

                      Checking eye