On 4 May 2019 Apikri celebrated World Fair Trade Day together with Forum Fair Trade Indonesia with the event of  Talk Show “ Fair Trade Innovates to be better future “ held in Rich Hotel Yogyakarta.   Apikri included in that  Committee of World Fair Trade Day event together with other member of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia.

The Talk Show opened by Mrs. Netty from Biansa Home  , a Head of Forum Fair Trade Indonesia. She explained about the fair trade celebration or world fair trade day event . All over the world of fair trade organization celebrates it through some events .

The Talk Show attended by 100 participants from many sides ( University, NGO, Government , Entrepreneurs ). The speakers of Talk Show : Fair trade ( Mr. Amir Panzuri, a founder and former director of Apikri ), Mr. Itok ( artist ), Mr. Wawan ( Industry and Trade Commerce ), Mrs. Yuna ( Trade and Industry Department of Special District of Yogyakarta ).

Mr. Amir as the fair trade actor explained about the back ground of fair trade, the meaning of fair trade, why should be fair trade, fair trade value and fair trade principles. Mrs. Yuna from Trade and Industry Department told about the entrepreneurship should be done with  requirement of healthy  products , and also consumers service complaint from government.  While Industry and Trade Chamber Mr. Wawan explained about the poverty areas in Special District of Yogyakarta.  It needs increasing the economy growth in Yogyakarta through some sectors.

Then the talk show leaded by the moderator gave the oppprtunity for the participants ask some questions to the speaker. It was many questions from the participants that consist of fashion producers who asked the rule of government regarding the healthy products requirement, some other producers asked about to promote salt  volcanic. There was person who consider a lot with some poverty areas in Special District of Yogyakarta. The other consider about the new airport Yogyakarta  built in Kulon Progo replace the Airport Adi Sucipto in Yogyakarta.

At the end of the talk show moderator told about the conclusion that all of sides support the fair trade for better trading condition .


On May 24, 2019 Apikri arranged the Training for Apikri members about The Cooperative. The training attended by around 40 Apikri members took a place at Apikri office, Jl. Imogiri Barat kam 4,5 no 89 Yogyakarta.  The aim of the training was to educate the members so that the member know and understand  about what should they learn about cooperative body.

The  meeting opened by Pak Lasmanu ( Apikri Board head ). He told about Apikri Cooperative setting up in short and also the existence of Apikri for members purpose. He also told about the aim of the training for the member. He expect that this training will give knowledge to the member about cooperative body then the member can play active role in  Apikri.

The subject of the training for members among other things : Cooperative : what is Cooperative , the purpose of Cooperative, The principles of Cooperative,  The kind of Cooperative, organization structure of Cooperative. Management : The development of management, , Management Function,  Management Field. The other subject was about Cooperative Department of Yogyakarta introduction : Vision, Mission, The purpose of Cooperative Department,  The speaker also told about the marketing strategy for handicraft sector.

At the end of the trainings some personell of Boards asked some questions mainly about the coordination and function between Board, Supervisor, and Apikri Cooperative Manager or Director.  

After the training was over  the participants gathered to have breaking fast together. As this was Ramadhan month, the time for moslem fasting.

Then shaking hand each other since the holiday soon come for Idul Fitri Celebration as they apologized each other before Holiday for Idul Ftiri.