On 21 Juni 2019 Apikri arranged the program of fair trade socialization to the coffin producer / Mr. Purwanto workers .  The aim of this program was to share to the workers  of coffin so that they know about fair trade. Generally, the workers of producers  don’t know about what is fair trade, the practice of fair trade , and also the value of fair trade. They just work to make the products , try to make them in good quality and able to finish the products on time as the requirement .

Purwanto who produced natural coffin get regular order from Apikri as fair trade organization  so it is  a must for Purwanto to implement the fair trade principles in his business , one of the fair trade implementation is fair trade promotion. In this matter, at least the workers of him should know about fair trade . It is as the  one of the fair trade guarantee system needed .

The Fair trade socialization attended by around 30 workers of natural coffin who generally have worked in Purwanto for long time ( more than 10 years ). They felt happy to work there because they  enjoy and find comfortable place  for working.

Athi ( head of community development )opened the meeting and giving short explanation about the aim of this meeting.  As fair trade organization Apikri has obligation to implement the fair trade principles in the organization of Apikri as well as at the producers place.

Then Athi started to  present about fair trade :  fair trade history, why fair trade , the value and fair trade principles, how implement the each fair trade principles in the business of producers.  All explained in the simple way so that the workers understand fair trade. The highest workers education is Senior High School , mostly under it.

  In short all of fair trade principles have been implemented in  the business of Purwanto.  After getting discussion with Purwanto and the workers, some of the workers just getting questions about fair wage , and also the health insurance for workers.

The closing of the meeting Athi expected that by this meeting the workers understanding about fair trade as the principles that must be implemented by producers and Apikri .


Apikri got the fair trade guarantee fair trade  in 30 December 2016 and it expired on March 2019. Apikri began to process to  get the re fair trade guarantee certificate this year.

From 26, 27, 28 June 2019 Apikri had peer visit from Pekerti Jakarta. Peer visit is a part step for fair trade organization to get the fair trade guarantee  from World Fair Trade Organization Global.  The first step was filling the guarantee fair trade form which available in WFTO web site through log in as member, then sending to WFTO.  Then the second  step is peer visit from the organization that we propose. We propose two organization for doing peer visit at Apikri, then finally WFTO choose Pekerti as one of organization that we propose to do peer visit at Apikri.

As the first day, Heri Kusworo from Pekerti checked the document needed such us profile organization, organization structure, legality of Apikri, Employee regulation,  Fair trade principles policy, Finance report, News to partner , Producers data , Annual Report , Health and Safety Producers and document,  FOB , Fair Wage, Salary , Standard Operating Procedure of Production, Marketing, Finance, Personell , Capacity Building for producers, Capacity Building for Staff and others . After checking the document then continued with the interview with Head Finance ( Nia ),  Marketing Manager ( Dodo ), IT staff ( Fudin ), Micro Finance Facilitation for producer ( Dewi ),  Product Development ( Azmi ).

The second day, visited to producers. The first visit was to Mr. Dartono, a painted wood located in Potorono Bantul. The second visit was to Mr. Wakhid , leather producer located in Wirokerten Bantul, and the last was to Mr. Naryono ,  a wood producer located in Sleman. Besides doing interview , Mr. Heri also visited to the producer workshop.

The last day, review of peer visit. Mr. Heri informed shortly the result of peer visit during 3 days at Apikri. The written report will be sent formally through email. Mr. Heri said that generally Apikri has implemented the fair trade principles , just some points needed to be improved in producer such us administration, workshop.


On 28 June 2019 Ibu Vincent from Cooperative of Small Micro Producers that produced traditional food from Papua visited Apikri to find some opportunities with Apikri to make cooperation. Ibu Vincent  is a personnel in marketing who work for marketing facilitation and technical assistance for small micro producers who producer traditional food in Papua.  She came to Apikri to find some opportunities for collaboration.

Mrs. Vincent also visited some Apikri producers such as Mr. Kemiskidi ( batik wood producer ), Mr. Arifin ( batik textile producer ) and also Mr. Sunar ( bamboo producer ) . She is interested in products of handicraft that made of Apikri producers, she also enjoy the production process of handicraft .

At the last meeting, Bu Vincent would like to cooperate with Apikri for the future for marketing handicraft of Apikri to Middle East , training of handicraft for Papua Community through Government of Papua facilitation. Apikri expect that this cooperation will make Apikri give more benefits for community in Papua and also for Apikri producers