On 20 April 2017 Apikri held Annual General Meeting  2016 took a place at Omah Kayu Apikri , meeting room of  Apikri. It was attended by 53 members from 60 members of Apikri. The members of Apikri Cooperative are consist of founders,  part of staff, producers .  The Annual General Meeting also attended by Trade and Industry Department, Cooperative Department,  Craft Department Region of Bantul, Banks as Apikri partners.

The Annual General Meeting was opened by  Mr. Sumardi , Representative of Craft Department Region in Bantul . He told that as Cooperative Apikri must be able to make a welfare of members. As handicraft trading , Apikri should find more market so that there is increasing income that can be distributed to all members at the end of the year.  After ceremonial opening with gong sound , continued with break , all could eat the food prepared . The quests outside that invited by Apikri could go back . While the members still in the room to join the Annual General Meeting.


After break, The Annual General Meeting started by choosing the Chairman Assembly and Secretary Assembly. It choosing Assembly was leaded by Pak Bowo ( Board Secretary ). It was choosen Pak Lasmanu  as Head Assembly and Ibu Komariyah as Secretary Assembly. 

The beginning of Annual General Meeting leaded by Pak Lasmanu and Ibu Komariyah. As the first of Annual General Meeting was a Report of Board how to run Apikri activities in 2016.  Board helped by Director 2016 ( Pak Amir ) reported the programs running in 2016 both in marketing and community development, finance report , human resources development, and micro finance programs.  The sales of Apikri in 2017 decreased if compared with 2016 ,  however Apikri still get profit so the profit could be shared to all members in this day said Pak Lejar , head of Apikri board.Apikri would like to expand the mainstream market but there was obstacle of producers such us quality and quantity added Yanti (  Head of Marketing Division)  . 

The Community Development programs running reported by Athi Munzilah , Head of Community Development. She explained the training programs held by Apikri for the producers during 1 year including the fair trade guarantee process , until in the beginning of 2017 Apikri got the fair trade guaranteed member.

The Participants of Apikri Annual General Meeting

At the end Nia , Head of Finance Division reported the financial report in 2016 , the profit and lose figure .  And Dwi Rahayu , Head of Micro Finance Facilitation  finance figure , the profit and lose .

After completed report from Board that helped by Director and Division Heads , continued the report from Supervisor by Mrs. Aan. Aan told that all things basically run well . Just Aan added need member forum that can meeting 3 times monthly to share problems and finding solution.

The next session, was questions and answers. The participants asked some questions  about what has been presented by the Board and Supervisor. The questions mostly about the market, expand market and the technical assistance for producers that must be increased.

At further , Mr Lejar  shared about the program planning of Apikri in 2017 . Basically Apikri has 2 main programs namely marketing and community development both related each other.

The as the conclusion of the meeting Mrs. Komariyah as the secretary of assembly meeting read the short content as follows

  1.        The report of Board 2016 received and agreed  by the member

  2.        The report of Supervisor 2016 received and agreed by the member

  3.        Program Planning 2017  received and agreed by the member

  4.        Dividend distribution received and agreed by the member

  5.        For the program planning 2017 added with member  forum , cooperative education for member

Then as the end all the member received dividend distribution.  Expected that the next Apikri will be better and better for increasing the welfare for member and small micro producer.