JANUARY NEWS 2021 " Meeting Evaluation of Chicken Raising  for Producers "

JANUARY NEWS 2021  " Meeting Evaluation of Chicken Raising  for Producers "

Meeting Evaluation of Chicken Raising  for Producers . Cooperation Programme Apikri – Mission 21 Switzerland

On 8 January  Apikri held the meeting of Evaluation of Raising Chcike  for producers who joined in this project. There were around 10 producers who attended this evaluation Meeting. That was a part of Cooperation Program Apikri – Mission 21 Switzerlang.

As explained in The Monthly News previously that for the pandemic support Apikri cooperated with M 21 arranged some programs. One of them is chicken raising that done in each house in the producers. This chicken caring can be addition income for producers during the pandemic besides handicraft.

In the evaluation every participants told about the obstacle and problem face during they care the chicken for the project 6 months. Mostly the problems founded in the market , selling the chicken was not easy in the pandemic situation. Restaurants and  market in generally have their own supplier and tend to decrease the demand. This because of people also reduce to eat in the restaurant and buying chicken in the market. The other problems faced was the disease of chicken that caused the dead chicken.

It was still the first trial for producers to raise the chicken. They can continue raising chicken in their house with better experience with the knowledge and skill when they get during joined with this project.



During one month  of January, Apikri distributed some money for the support member . The purpose of money support was for business back up  and also purchasing main food, vitamins, health care in the pandemic covid. Some members have been old enough and don’t have enough income to stand up in the pandemic covid. So this money support really help them to be able to face the hard covid pandemic. The members / founder  who have been passed away , the money support could be received by their children who would like to continue the membership.

As informed that the membership at Apikri Cooperative can be continued by their children, wife, husband or relatives .  In this year there is member who passed away. That is was Mr. Sunar ( bamboo producer ) who live in Brajan, Sleman. While  the year before last year  Rajinab ( Apikri staff ), Mr. Nazarudin (leather producer) and Cipto Wiyono (leather producer).  The membership of Mr. Sunar will be continued by Mr. Wahyu ( Sunar’s child who continue the bamboo business of  Pak Sunar) . The membership of Mrs. Rajinab will be continued by Rajinab’s Child , the name is Nora.  The membership of Pak Nazarudin continued by Mrs. Nazarudin ( Nazarudin’s wife). The membership of Pak Cipto Wiyono continued by Mr. Waluyo ( Cipto’s child ).