Apikri that represented by Sudiyanti  ( Director  ) joined in the WFTO Global Conference in New Delhi, India from 9 November  until  13 November  It is important thing to attend this Conference because this opportunity can make Apikri know better the other member of WFTO, to promote Apikri products to the exits buyer and new contact that possible to be Apikri buyer, besides to understand about fair trade movement improvement.

The  agenda of the Conference as follows :November 9, 2017 : opening ceremony, November 10: Workshop  Textile fair trade, WFTO Guarantee System, Fair Trade Town, Marketing Quality Assurance, November 11 : Ethical design trend forecasting,  Tourism  to promote fair trade,  Attract the new customer, Strategy for fair trade sustainability,  Digital Brand, November 12 : Social Impact For Fair Trade, Sustainable growth for community,  Fair Payment, November 13,  Annual General Meeting and closing.

Apikri also joined the Mohammed Islam Award  with the category product of fashion accessories  ( syall ) and house ware ( Jewellery batik box ). Althoug not become winner , al least Apikri has promoted the new products created for the participants.

Everyday there was opportunity for buyer to see the exhibition from fair trade supplier. Apikri also took this opportunity to promote Apikri products in this exhibition with the expectation to find new contact partner and also to promote the new products for existing buyer.  In this Conference also Yanti also meet the partner  that cooperated with Apikri for some years such us : SERRV USA, Ten Thousand Villages USA, Ten Thousand Villages Canada, Solidar Monde France, Oxfam Spain  to make closer relationship.  Yanti also tried to find  some new partners for possible to make cooperation to expand the market.



On November 31 Ademos organization from Bojonegoro visited Apikri to have comparative study. Ademos is NGO that  has mission to improve the welfare and economy life for people in Bojonegoro through batik handicraft. There were around 25 women producers ( house wives ) who participate in this comparative study and 5 staff from Ademos . They had experience of batiking with Bojonegoro motif . They would like to make the batik to be variety of handicraft. And also learning about business setting up.

For the first, they learned about Apikri setting up and Apikri business with fair trade ethical that run by Apikri . They also learned about producers organized by Apikri.  They got a lot of knowledge from this session that can be implemented in the running of ADEMOS . After the explanation about Apikri by Athi Munzilah ( Head of Community Development ), the participant went to the master room to learned about handicraft range products that sold  by Apikri. In this mater room they can learn what kind of products that have good market to foreign countries so they have inspiration the develop the batik products of Bojonegoro. 

The participants of comparative study from Ademos Bojonegoro learned about Apikri

The comparative study continued to learn the production of  bag in the leather producer ( Mr. Surono )  in Yogyakarta, not far from Apikri office. The participants took this opportunity to learn how to make textile batik to make the bag combined with leather . They divided in to 5 groups, so in each group consist of 5 persons.   Mr. Surono told the basic of  bag making , then continued with the practice to make the small bag. It took some times to make the finished products. They brought the products home as the result. If someday they need to learn more products with batik, Apikri always welcome them. 


On November 31, 2017  around  50 students, 5 lectures  Magister Management  from Pancasila University visited Apikri together with Bank Pembangunan Daerah Yogyakarta. The purpose of their visit was to know better the experience of Apikri in running the business so they get knowledge about business management. 

In the first Head of Magister Management introduced about Pancasila University especially Magister Management Program , the continued by Yanti ( Apikri director ) explained that Apikri has fair trade principle in the business , included the producers because Apikri joined in fair trade organization . Every two years Apikri audited by World Fair Trade Organization in fair trade implementation . In the year of 2017 Apikri got Apikri Fair Trade Guarantee Certificate that can apply the logo of fair trade in the products.Besides explaining about fair trade Yanti also told about the marketing strategy that apply in Apikri , technical assistance for producers done .The students were very enthusiastic to learn about Apikri and also about fair trade value. In short they so happy to get new knowledge about fair trade. 

Before they finished the program, they look around Apikri to see the products in master room. In this room they learned many items made Apikri producers that marketable for export market.  At the end they look around in the showroom to purchase many products to bring home  as gift.