PRODUCER SPEAK OF FEBRUARY 2021 Mr. Rudianto (Wood producer)

PRODUCER SPEAK OF FEBRUARY  2021 Mr. Rudianto (Wood producer)

Mr. Rudianto (Wood producer)

Rudi who lives in Sewon, Bantul  always spend his time with excited  works. When he studied at University he together with his friends make wood handicraft to cost his  study and daily life.  After graduate he looks for the opportunity, he still help the production.

In 2008, he contracted by Pekerti Jakarta as designer. After one year he then worked on the furniture company. Motivated by his free ambition for creativity and expression and there is miss management. Rudi decided to go out from his work after 3 months working there.  

Working together with his friends, Rudi worked the order in wholesale with the simple tools.  Sometimes he worked for old furniture and incidentally he asked to curve and setting the joglo Java traditional house.  His usual activities realize his fresh ideas and marketing through some galleries, make his business develops fast

Along with his developing business and more order, he then contracted a place for house and workshop.  He give the name of his business is Kekayon Craft In the middle of 2009, his first order was from Korea with the products of bag handle  that lasted for 6 months. Helped by 2 of his workers, Rudi then focused on the retail of teak root worked together with Art Institution who have the business of furniture. When there is no order, he usually partner with other furniture companies ..

Rudi never worried with the some competitors and also person who copy his works. The most important things that he must keep the quality, on time delivery, and consumers trust.  As the artists he never think a lot with cost for experiments to create the new works that have good quality. For him, marketing can be done while running the business .

Rudi usually use the waste wood of production and also pieces of g small  wood who then produce to be many of recycle products so it is lower cost, is not worried with the expensive material.  Every matters become experience for learning that the philosophy of Rudi.  He must learn about management, marketing so that his business run well. He always give guidance to all of his workers so that they can work while learning so that they can be independen.One of Rudi’s ambition is having a showroom as the promotion media and developing his business. Rudi known Apikri when he studied at Art Institution and had internship  at Apikri. Then he cooperated with Apikri in making the sample, untill getting an order from Apikri.

He has been learning a lot at Apikri such us production, marketing , bargaining position with buyer and also entrepreneurship mentality.

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