Safrudin , a  simple man lives in the village near the batik wood centre namely Pajangan, Bantul. Because of the family condition at that moment forced him finish his study only at  Elementary School. His  expectation  to help the economy of his parent, made him to work in one of  batik wood producer in his village called “Hasta Karya” owned by  Mas Adek. 

The work done by Safrudin as the product maker of half products during 6 years at that place has forced and make him skill.. His ambition  to increase the economy standard freely on time and financial . and supported by his experience that got made Safrodin decided to set up his own business.

With the capital of money saving that he got when he worked some years. Safrudin helped with his  wife  Painem  started to have business of  half products of wood in 2006 with the name of Ajik Craft . . As the beginner, he still cooperated with the batik wood where he worked previously. His  soft product quality started to be known by many batik wood producers .

Slowly but sure, many partners odered the half products made by him. Along with the progress of his business, Safrudin recruited 2 workers sothat they can meet all of requirements. The wood products among others things:  tray, box, small furniture made of kembang wood, jenetri wood, sengon wood according to the order.

Safrudin never worried with competitors and producers who copy his works. He is sure that Good has arranged the bless for him. The main thing for him is to keep the quality of  the products, on time, and also the truth from consumers.  For the sake of consumers satisfication, the three things above as the whole , the key of company success . Although the majority of products based on the order, but he always make new design to make he skillfull

Safrudin known Apikri 2011, when Apikri designer visited him to make sample, He was able to make as the criteria that Apikri set. Slwoly he started to learn the fair trade principles and implement in his business. His expectation that he can get more order and recruited more workers to reduce the un employee  also increase the income of his family.