Producer Speak of May

Producer Speak of May


Firstly,  Pak Kusmanto who lives in slum area in Yogyakarta  just not seriouesly to make leather handicraft, but  after seeing  look around at Malioboro street Yogyakarta he was interested in produce the accesories leather craft  . By his own design with very limited capital Rp. 9000.- Kusmanto tried to make his own leather handicraft and marketing of them. He then set up the leather handicraft business with the name of Gangga Collection in 1986.

Before making leather handicraft Kusmanto worked at the shop that produced bakpia traditional food . He was the poters who bring the goods  of people at the market.  By his struggle,  finally he could increase the production capacity  and  also increasing the capital. Kusmanto works on handicraft at the night , while at noon he worked on bakpia food production at Ketandan. He use the leather by  taking material from leather shop surrounding, also use the chips of leather that as waste  to make the products such us rings. The use of waste automatically can increase the production quantity and the material

Along with the  time  Kusmanto started to increase  the design, production , product quality. The products more variety  such us bangle , hair clip , hair band . His sturggle to make many kind of design atrracted a buyer from Italy who then make a cooperation with him.  Finally Kusmanto stopped his work and take seriously in handicraft of leather.  With his hard working he got many buyers from foreign such us Spain, France. Those buyers were very satisfy with the products made of Gangga Collection that are really good quality.

From the information of his friend, Kusmanto joined with Apikri in 1991. At that moment Apikri was still small  and the order still limited.  Apikri invited Kusmanto  to cooperate with and promotes his products to foreign buyers..  Finally in 1993 he got order from Apikri, and he must recruit the workers surrounding him. On 1998 omzet Gangga Collection through Apikri reched Rp. 115.000.000.

By cooperation with Apikri  he get many benefits among other things getting more skill and knowledge , enlarge market, and of coursee addition profit. Kusmanto is always active to join the trainings held by Apikri