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Eximbank’s Management Team Visits Apikri, a Celebrating a Successful Partnership

  • 2024 Jul 08
  • Posted By : Apikri

Dharu, a man from Krebet and a graduate in Electrical Engineering, has chosen not to use the knowledge he acquired during his college years as a means of livelihood. His childhood interest in art has been his foundation for earning a living. Since 1998, while studying, he has been working for a sizable wooden batik company. His skills in design and coloring were honed there for 5 years.

On Saturday, July 6, 2024, a significant visit took place as the management team from Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI) Eximbank, led by Wahyu Wibowo, Chief of Human Capital, Compliance, and Legal, engaged with Apikri. The delegation, consisting of 30 members, was warmly welcomed by Apikri's leadership, including Ely W., the Chairman, Esti Heru Prastiyanti, the Supervisory Chair, and other members of the management team. .

The visit aimed to review the progress and achievements of the partnership between Apikri and LPEI Eximbank, which has been in place since 2017. Over the years, this collaboration has proven to be fruitful, and both parties are enthusiastic about its future. The meeting underscored the continued success of their joint efforts and highlighted Apikri’s role in supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Indonesia. .

Wahyu Wibowo emphasized the substantial contribution of Apikri, particularly in the development and distribution of coffins, alongside other products. He praised Apikri for its significant impact on the sector and its role as a leading force in Indonesia’s SME landscape.

The partnership has not only fostered growth but has also set a benchmark for future collaborations. Both LPEI Eximbank and Apikri are committed to sustaining and expanding their alliance, recognizing the potential it holds for furthering the success of Indonesian SMEs.

In conclusion, the visit served as a testament to the robust and successful relationship between LPEI Eximbank and Apikri. With mutual support and dedication, both organizations look forward to continuing their impactful partnership and driving positive outcomes for the SME sector in Indonesia.